Happy Friday!











Happy Friday everyone! I have decided to try and blog every Friday so this is going to be my first official Friday post, yippee! 


Recently I came across the site Design Darling (the boutique) which is full of gorgeous items to decorate and accessorise your home. I have become obsessed with finding home decor and adding them to my list of things to purchase once I move out of home. And Design Darling will be the first place I visit!!! I have always loved simple yet beautiful things, which is what the site sells. My first purchases will be the pink and gold stationary which you can put your initials on which makes me feel a little la de da! As well as the white coasters with the gold dots (I have fallen in love with gold!), the seahorse pillow which I plan on putting in a non existing room with white walls (my room at the moment is green and still reflects my teenage years!). And of course the gold and turquoise cuff because a girl has to feed her jewellery obsession! Everything about the site I love, everything is simple yet pretty are there are plenty of gold establishments to fore fill my golden needs. I thought these matches were super cute and I can imagine myself using the white tray to serve my girl friends yummy snacks and drinks on and use to house flowers. But not at the moment, but hopefully son I will be able to buy all the home decor my heart desires! I suggest anyone who has any interest in super cute home decor and accessories to check out this site! I don’t know if I able to use the picture as a click through link so I will just include the link below 🙂

Enjoy your weekend, I will be at work all day





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