My Story

So I guess this is offically my first post. I has taken me a while to decide what I should dedicate my first post to, but then when I thought about it, no one is really going to read it (yet) so it doesn’t really matter. I was going to blog about an awesome home decor site that I recently found but decided that I should start my telling my story.

I love to travel, I love fashion, I love interior design, I love creating things and as immature as it sounds, I love love love pretty things! last year I travelled to London on exchange with my university and it was the best and worst experience of my life. Would I do it again? Yes, without hesitation. I loved it and the life I lived while I was there. I miss it terribly now that I am back home in Australia and as much as I want to go back, I know it will never be the same as to when I was there in 2013. I say it was the best/worst experience of my life because while so amazing things happened to me and I meet so awesome people who I will never forget, I also had some terrible experiences that still effect me today. This wasn’t because of London the place itself, it was due to me getting to know myself really well and a person helping me get to know myself. I wish I was at the stage where I could share this story, but I’m really not ready to share that with everyone yet. I guess in a way that is my story, I am quite reserved and I won’t share my story until I am able to say I am positively okay with it. The reason for this blog is I want to be able to help and inspire others who have been in a similar situation as myself. I also want to share with the world and myself all things I find pretty and kind of use this blog as a place for me to store all the awesome finds I find. I hope one day that I am able to share my story with you all, but for now I can’t.